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What Is an Astigmatism

02.09.2017 What Is an Astigmatism You've probably heard the term astigmatism before, in fact, you may even have it. But not many people actually know what astigmatism is or what causes it. Knowing more about astigmatism can help you recognize its symptoms and understand how it is corrected. What Are the Causes? Astigmatism is [...]

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Understanding And Treating Cataracts

12.12.2016 Understanding And Treating Cataracts   Cataracts are something that will affect many of us as we get older. It can be an intimidating experience to go through, no matter your age. The best way to combat any anxiety is to be informed about the subject. Gaining an understanding of what cataracts are and [...]

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When to Have Your Child’s Eyes Examined

10.20.2016 When to Have Your Child's Eyes Examined Your child's eye health is highly important in the stages of growth and development that he or she experiences during those first few years. However, some symptoms may crop up in your child that can indicate the presence of a preventable eye problem. For this reason, [...]

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Signs You may Have Presbyopia

Admin - 08.19.2016 Signs You may Have Presbyopia 1316016 Presbyopia is a vision disorder that makes everything you look at appear blurry. It generally occurs in people who are over the age of 40, and it can occur in individuals who do not have a family history of presbyopia. You should see an [...]

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