Admin – 08.19.2016

Signs You may Have Presbyopia


Presbyopia is a vision disorder that makes everything you look at appear blurry. It generally occurs in people who are over the age of 40, and it can occur in individuals who do not have a family history of presbyopia. You should see an optometrist regularly to get your eyes checked out, and be aware of the signs so that you can tell your doctor what you have been experiencing.

Needing to Hold Books at Arm’s Length

Do you have trouble focusing whenever you are reading a book, menu or magazine? If your eyes need a chance to adjust before you are able to properly read whatever the item is, then you might be suffering from presbyopia.

Headaches When Doing Work Nearby

Certain tasks do require you to look at something close-up. Handwriting a letter, for example, is a task where you need to look at what you are doing very closely. If these types of activities cause you to experience headaches or significant eyestrain, then something is off.
Sometimes there is no explanation at all for why presbyopia has developed. Many times, it is simply an age-related complication. If you are having trouble seeing, then you need to see a professional to get checked out. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call Wilkins Opticians at 864-585-2249.